Learn How to Adult in New 4-H Program

The 4-H Future Squad is a new program being offered by the MSU Extension, and its goal is to teach 12-19 year-olds how to “adult”.

“Adulting” is a fairly new verb being used to describe normal tasks of independent living such as paying bills, taking care of a home, and being a contributing member of a community.

The 4-H Future Squad consists of 30 virtual sessions along with an in-person session and a community service day. Youth must be enrolled in Michigan 4-H to participate, but registration is easy and available online.

Youth can attend as many sessions as they’d like to, and they will earn t-shirts and other incentives if they participate in 6 or more sessions. The program begins now (October 2021) and runs through June of 2022.

Some examples of topics include handling stress, preparing for work, communicating with others, and preparing food.

To learn more, visit the website here: