LEGO Ideas – The Grand Hotel

With your help, The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island could become a LEGO set. LEGO Ideas is a website where inventors and LEGO enthusiasts can submit proposals for new LEGO sets and vote for “awesome models dreamed up by your fellow fan designers”, according to its website.

David Lorch, an engineer and LEGO enthusiast, first built a nine-foot replica of the Grand Hotel with LEGOS, then worked on a scaled down version that would be a more practical scale. The Grand Hotel LEGO set prototype has 710 pieces and would definitely keep a kid busy for a while. The LEGO Ideas contest accepts votes for the concepts and the more votes a project gets, the longer it stays in the contest. As of Monday, the Grand Hotel prototype had almost 4,000 supporters and 64 days left in the contest. You can find out more at 

With kids off of school for an extended period of time, Legos are a popular toy to pass the time and build those STEM skills. Maybe a local LEGO crafter will submit a proposal for the Blue Water Bridge?