Lightship Affected By High Water Levels

For the past several months, high water levels have been an issue around the area affecting property and structures.  One such structure is the Huron Lightship. Commissioned in 1921 as Lightship Number 103, the Lightship sees many visitors each year and is one of four sites operated by the Port Huron Museum.  Veronica Campbell, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Port Huron Museum said on’s Live and Local that the seawall is a little bit lower in front of the ship, and water has been coming over and eroding the sand next to the ship.  She said that the situation became desperate this past week. Campbell met with Port Huron City Manager James Freed and was told that the city is going to help by building up the wall and filling in the eroded sand. She went on to say that the Lightship is not in danger of being washed away. City Manager James Freed said the City of Port Huron has a team of engineers reviewing the situation to identify a long term solution. The Huron Lightship was the last operating lightship on the Great Lakes and served for over 50 years when she was retired in 1970. In 1990 it was dedicated as a National Historic Landmark.