Lisa McClain

Running for U.S. House of Representatives – Congressional District 10



Lisa is a Republican and conservative outsider running for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. She has never held public office before. However, she has spent her career building a very successful financial services company. Lisa serves as Senior Vice President of Hantz Group, a Southeastern Michigan based company that she helped to start and build from the ground up. She has played a major role in growing the company to over 700 current employees and 50,000 plus clients. Hantz Group has over twenty-five offices, with three locations in the 10th Congressional District.

Lisa will take a tough, practical & ethical approach in Congress. She has a proven success record as a business leader, and that is exactly what Congress needs.  Her goal is to restore the quality of life to the citizens of Michigan. She will work to support a dynamic U.S. economy, where thriving businesses create jobs and opportunity. In addition, she will support a strong national defense and effective law enforcement that balances liberty and safety – instead of ineffective authoritarianism which puts freedom and security at risk.

Lisa believe that the role of government should be as a force for good. It can, and should, uphold and protect its citizens’ lives, liberty and property.  She has vowed to always provide the citizens of Michigan with honest and ethical representation.

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Submitted by Lisa McClain for Congress