Local Historian Finds Mistake In Chevy Dealers Ad Involving The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

A Michigan Chevy dealer association made a mistake in its recent advertising campaign that was caught by one of our local historians. 

The advertisement featured a photo of a Chevy Silverado with the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in the background. The problem with the photo was the inaccuracy of the color emanating from the lighthouse. The photo featured a white light coming from the lighthouse, but those who are familiar with the landmark recognized that the light should have been green. 

Many who are familiar with the Lighthouse noticed the mistake, but Andrew Kercher, the community engagement manager at the Port Huron Museums was one of the first to notice and mention it on Facebook. 

“Anyone who is familiar with the Fort Gratiot Light knows all about our unique green light, so their photoshopped white beam stood out like a sore thumb. It was a great opportunity to share online and see if those who like our facebook page caught the mistake as well. It was great that Chevy fixed it and thanked us for being fact checkers,” says Kercher. 

The mistake has since been corrected by the dealer association who originally ran the ad. 

Reporting for WGRT – Choze Powell