Local Restaurant Owner Hitting the Ice with the Prowlers

Casey Harris, Owner of Casey’s in downtown Port Huron, will lace up his skates and hit the ice with the Port Huron Prowlers hockey team this weekend. Harris is no stranger to the sport. The 6’2” left wing played for the Oxford Raiders, Ferris State, Indianapolis Ice and Port Huron Beacons before retiring in the mid-2000’s.

Player-Assistant Coach Matt Graham said the Prowlers have signed Harris to a celebrity contract for this Sunday’s game against the Carolina Thunderbirds. According to Graham, the Federal Hockey League allows teams to sign one extra player to celebrity contracts for a single game. 

There is a bit of a question as to how the return to the ice came about. Graham says Harris has cited a near death experience and encounter with the Dahli Llama as the push to make a special appearance in the hockey game. One thing is for certain, though, Harris is a big supporter of the Prowlers, according to Graham. Harris is expected to play between five and 10 shifts for the upcoming game. 

In addition to Harris’s appearance on Sunday, the Prowlers have a big weekend ahead as the second place Prowlers team takes on the first place Carolina Thunderbirds. The Prowlers current record stands at 32-14 with 10 regular season games left on the schedule.