Majority Of Michigan Parents Support Mental Health Sick Days For Students

A new study reveals that 3-in-4 Michigan parents advocate for mental health sick days for children. 

The survey, conducted by Test Prep Insight among 3,000 parents, found that 79% believe children should take days off for mental health reasons, higher than the national average of 73%. Two-thirds of parents feel this decision should be theirs, not the school’s, while 8% support breaks for feeling overwhelmed by schoolwork.

This trend emerges as chronic absenteeism rises, with 26% of public school students missing significant school time last year, up from 15% pre-pandemic. Contributing factors include family travel during school terms and parents’ work commitments. The findings highlight the growing recognition of mental health’s impact on student attendance, urging schools to adapt to these needs.

Reporting for WGRT – Choze Powell