Man With Airsoft Gun Scares Couple in Port Huron

Port Huron, MI — The Port Huron Police Department is seeking charges against a man walking with an airsoft gun in the area of Riverside Drive and Garfield Street on October 24, 2020 around 7:30 PM.

An 18 year-old woman and a 17 year-old male were driving in the area when a man with a black handgun in his waistband appeared in the roadway. The couple sped off and contacted police.

Residents from the area said a similar incident happened in July 2020, and someone provided video footage that led police to the suspect’s house. The suspect is a 33 year-old Port Huron resident. He stated that he was carrying the airsoft gun in an attempt to slow down people who driving too fast through the area.

The airsoft gun was confiscated, and a request to charge the suspect with Disorderly Conduct was forwarded to the St. Clair County Prosecutors Office for review.