Mannequins Will Still Be a Part of Summer 2020

Port Huron, MI — Kelly Strilcov, owner of Salon Pizazz in Downtown Port Huron, has mobilized her stylists and volunteer mannequins every summer for the last  10 years to produce Mannequins Making a Difference. The event has become one of the most popular components of Boat Week and the Blue Water Fest with crowds spending hours watching models in creative costumes stand perfectly still for hours in the July sun.

This year, with the cancellation of Blue Water Fest, many locals and visitors have been wondering what summer traditions will continue despite the pandemic. Kelly and a group of Downtown Port Huron business sponsors and supporters decided to find a way to safely get Mannequins Making a Difference back to Downtown.

Organizers compiled photos of past mannequins, and Sir Speedy is creating 4′ by 8′ foot replicas to place in Downtown businesses. Beginning July 9th through July 31st, spectators can stop by the business with a square Mannequins Making a Difference sticker on the ground by their door. They can find the mannequin replica in the store, take a photo with it, and share it on social media with #PortHuronStrong. Submissions are eligible to win a prize from Salon Pizazz.

“Adaptability is the name of the game for all of us this year. We look forward to resuming to life as it was during boat week in 2021,” said Kelly Strilcov.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand