Masquerade Ball for Mallory

Mallory Milhoan is a 12-year-old from Lakeport who is fighting quite the battle, but not without the community behind her. It began in 2016, with a diagnosis of scoliosis. At the time she only had a 34° curve, so doctors gave her a back brace and monitored the young girl. Unfortunately, the back brace was not helping as she grew and the condition only continues to get worse. Now at an 84° curve, the condition is crushing her right lung and putting other organs in the area at great risk. 

She’s not been in the fight alone, though. On November 2nd the community is putting together a fundraising masquerade ball for Mallory and her upcoming procedures. On November 22nd, Mallory will undergo her first surgery to lessen the chances of a second surgery that could paralyze her from the neck down. Organizers are asking the community to rally behind Mallory. According to an organizer, Robin Mattox, Mallory asked for a Masquerade Ball dance, she knows this might be the last chance she ever gets to attend a dance while being able to walk. Funds from the event will be used towards unpaid medical expenses. You can find more information on Facebook at the page “Mallory Milhoan’s Journey.”

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley