MDARD Encourages Mosquito Control

Michigan — As summer traditions get erased from the calendar and plans get cancelled by COVID-19, there is one thing you can still count on as the days get longer and the temperatures get higher: mosquitoes. Michiganders are being warned about mosquitos and the unpleasant diseases that they like to share.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) asks residents to do their part to first prevent mosquitos, and then to avoid getting bit. Think of standing water as a baby nursery for mosquitos and get rid of it. Short grass and greenery reduce resting opportunities for adult mosquitoes, according to MDARD, so stay on top of lawn maintenance.

When trying to keep mosquitos off of yourself and your family, MDARD claims that chemical-based repellents like DEET and Picaridin are safe. Eucalyptus oil is also endorsed. 

Fogging and spraying of yards can provide temporary relief from the annoying and dangerous insects, but a long-term solution is application of mosquito control by a licensed professional pesticide applicator. More information, along with a list of licensed professionals can be found at

Reporting for WGRT- Jennie McClelland