Michigan AG Education Lawsuit Gains Traction; Environmental Lawsuit Filed

Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel continues to push back against the federal government’s policies regarding both education and the environment..

Nessel won a preliminary injunction to suspend a CARES Act Rule that allows COVID-19 response money to be shared with non-public schools. Nessel argued that the rule would set the stage for unfairly siphoning money away from public schools. The preliminary injunction was upheld and is prohibiting the Department of Education from enforcing its rule until a decision on the merits of the case can be rendered, according to a release from Nessel’s office.

Nessel and other democratic AGs are also going after the Trump Administration by filing a lawsuit to challenge curtailed requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act.

While the Trump Administration says the changes to the Act modernize and streamline environmental policy to “promote better decision making by the Federal government”, Nessel argued that, “This rule not only weakens the federal government’s obligation to ensure it minimizes impact on the environment, but limits the public’s ability to participate in the process.” 

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland