Michigan Beachgoers: If The Flags Are Red Don’t Go Swimming

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has introduced a change to its Great Lakes flag warning system, just in time for the start of the summer season. 

To enhance awareness of changing conditions and ensure public safety, the DNR has implemented “double red warning flags” at state-designated swim beaches along the Great Lakes in Michigan state parks. These flags indicate that water access is closed due to dangerous conditions, representing the most severe level of the flag system that was integrated in 2022.

The move comes in response to a rise in accidents and drownings on the Great Lakes in recent years. The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project reports a total of 1,170 drownings since 2010, with 108 occurring in 2022 alone. 

Ron Olson, DNR Parks and Recreation chief, stressed the importance of understanding the power of the Great Lakes and the potential for even experienced swimmers to find themselves in life-threatening situations.

For more information on the meaning of the colored flags, visit: michigan.gov.

Reporting for WGRT – Choze Powell