Michigan Secretary of State Self-Service Kiosk at Marysville Meijer

Standing in line at the Secretary of State office to renew tabs for your vehicle’s license plate could be a thing of the past with the introduction of self-service kiosks. There is now a Michigan Secretary of State self-service kiosk at the Marysville Meijer. With the kiosk, drivers can now renew their plates while grabbing groceries. There is also a kiosk at the Port Huron SOS Branch. 

The renewal service applies to automobiles, motorcycles, and watercrafts. The stations do have limitations, though. For example, users can not renew their drivers’ licenses at the stations, nor can they change their address. While users can print out car or motorcycle tabs at the station, stickers for boats or other watercraft will be mailed. 

To use the kiosk, the renewal notice or plate number, along with the last four VIN numbers are needed. Payment is accepted by credit or debit card. Some stations accept cash. There is a fee of $3.95 per transaction, which goes to the kiosk provider. The service stations are now located at Secretary of State branches and select Kroger and Meijer stores around the state. More features are expected to be added in the future.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.