Mid City Nutrition Continues to Feed the Hungry

Mid City Nutrition in Port Huron is reminding those in need, that they are still continuing their mission to “serve the hungry of St. Clair County.” Mid City is continuing to serve meals at 805 Chestnut Street in the basement of St. Martin Lutheran Church Monday through Saturday from 11a.m. until noon and Sunday through Friday 4-5 p.m.

Mid City says the meals being passed out are hot and healthy, prepared individuals donating their time to make sure that no one in the community goes hungry. In a recent statement Mid City said they “are doing everything” in their power to make sure that volunteers and staff are provided a safe environment to continue to serve those in need. After being prepared, the meals are being handed out through a pickup style at the double doors of the center.

Mid City is also thanking all the volunteers and organizations who have pitched in to donate, prepare, pack up and pass out meals, along with those giving monetarily. Anyone with questions can call the kitchen at (810) 982-9261.