Moe's Corner Deli Nish-wich

Moe’s Corner Deli Celebrates Native American Month

Moe’s Corner Deli is celebrating Native American Month throughout November, and they are also donating a portion of their sales this month to the Blue Water Indigenous Alliance.

Moses Malone, the owner of Moe’s Corner Deli, was grateful to work with the Blue Water Indigenous Alliance to create a new menu item featuring traditional Native American ingredients and flavors.  The “Nish-wich” is a slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich with Muenster cheese, succotash, and frog jam marmalade on Native American fry bread. It comes with a  side of traditional corn soup.

Native American fry bread is a popular treat at festivals and Moses was excited to create a sandwich featuring its unique flavors and texture. The succotash is made from scratch with a traditional Apache recipe, and the frog marmalade is a sweet and spicy mix of fig, raspberries, orange, ginger and jalapeños. Moses recommends a fork for this hearty sandwich.

The corner deli is also featuring stories from its own Native American past in its windows. The display includes photos and stories of several tribes that used to inhabit the Downtown area along the Black River.

“We’re happy to bring awareness to [the Blue Water Indigenous Alliance] and show the culture in their food, ” said Moses. “They are a great organization that has a lot of ties to the history of Downtown Port Huron which is something that Moe’s Corner Deli has always strived to be a part of.”

Moe’s Corner Deli is currently open Monday – Saturday from 10:30 – 4 PM and can accommodate carry-out and curbside orders placed online, by phone, or in the deli.

Learn more at their website <HERE>.