More Phone Scams

The Sanilac County Sheriff is sending out a reminder in the new year that fraud scams are continuing and getting very creative in trying to make the scam sound realistic. Sheriff Garry Biniecki stated that the Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau is seeing an increase in phone scams targeting Sanilac County Citizens. 

According to a recent statement, the Detective Bureau has taken numerous calls within the last month in regards to Social Security Scams and the “police call” or “lawyer call” scam as well. The number may look like they are calling from 810-648-2000, when in reality, scammers may have “stolen” the number to make the call look legit. 

The Department warns that the scammers can also “steal” bank numbers, accountant numbers, or even personal numbers. So, if it seems suspicious, contact the business directly to verify any issues. Residents can report the number if given a call back number or voicemail.

The Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office recommends remaining mindful and skeptical of callers especially if someone asks for cash, gift cards, credit card numbers, or other personal information. Beware of high pressure techniques, and avoid the “celebrity” friend request or unknown requests to connect through social media networks. The Sanilac County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau can be contacted at 810-648-8360.