Nessel Urges Trump to Wear Mask While Visiting Ford Plant

President Trump is set to tour a Michigan Ford plant today that retooled to produce ventilators and personal protective equipment in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  The visit to the Ford Motor Co.’s Rawsonville manufacturing plant is his second visit to Michigan this year, according to the White House. In January, he visited a Dana Inc. facility in Warren.

Michigan is an important state for the president as he seeks a second term in this November’s election. In the 2016 election, President Trump won Michigan by the very small margin of  0.23%  over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, said Wednesday that President Donald Trump has a “legal responsibility,” under state law, to wear a mask as a coronavirus precaution when he visits the  Ford Motor Co. factory.  In a letter to Trump, Nessel said, “I ask that while you are on tour you respect the great efforts of the men and women at Ford and across this state by wearing a facial covering.”

Reporting for WGRT – Marty Doorn