New Link for BoatNerd Freighter Video Feed

Freighter watching is a popular pastime in the Blue Water area and you can watch them worldwide from various river cams. If you’ve recently checked out the BoatNerd camera on Youtube, you may not have found the feed. If you were wondering where the live feed of traffic in the St. Clair River went, there is a new link you can follow to stay up to speed on freighter traffic. The link has changed due to issues with the YouTube platform. You can find the new link at BoatNerd’s Facebook page. 

The previous live feed at the old link had over half a million views just since October of 2019. If you can’t get out and watch the giant boats on location, the BoatNerd camera is the next best thing. According to Neil Schultheiss, President of Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping Online, Inc., “The camera captures anything interesting that passes by on the river with a clear view from the Bridge to below the Black River. This time of year, boat traffic is light with mainly tanker traffic going into the docks in Sarnia and the Coast Guard escorts returning to dock.” But Schultheiss said, “Earlier in the week an eagle passed by on an ice flow and there were fishermen out in boats near the Black River.” Webcams have been running at the current location since 2001. The new link is