New Marysville City Hall Opens

After much anticipation the new Marysville City Hall is now open. Marysville Mayor Dan Damman said the new city hall was built at a cost of two million dollars and the project came in on time and under budget. Marysville’s City Council evaluated it’s infrastructure, and plans to build a new city hall were formulated in late 2017 and early 2018. To rehabilitate the old city hall and bring it up to current standards would have cost 1.4 million. Damman said the old city hall property was valued at around $500,000. After selling the old city hall, it brought the cost to build a new city hall down to an amount that was close to rehabbing the old one. 

One of the design features that Damman spoke about was the new city hall’s vestibule. The vestibule, said Damman was specifically designed to display Marysville’s history. Several different historical artifacts are on display, including a full size Wills Sainte Claire automobile. The Wills Sainte Claire was a luxury car that was built in Marysville in the late 1920’s. Residents of Marysville can now expect to be able to handle all business with the city under one roof in a building that is designed to allow for future expansion as well.

Reporting for WGRT,