New Paint Job Keeps Bridge Looking Good

The Blue Water Bridges that connect Port Huron and Sarnia continue to stand the test of time due, in part, to how well they are maintained. The painting of span 2, which is the youngest of the two bridges, is currently underway. Blue Water Bridge Administrator  Amy Winn-VanHoeck said this is the first time span 2 has been painted in its entirety on the U.S. side since it was put into service in 1997. 

The Michigan-based company Atsalis Brothers Painting is the contractor painting the U.S. half of the bridge. The aim of the paint is to seal the steel structure from the elements. Winn-VanHoeck said span 1 saw its first crossing in 1938. She also said that both bridges are painted every 20 to 30 years depending on need.  In between those times, the Michigan Department of Transportation crews paint localized areas of each bridge as needed. According to the Bridge Administrator, both spans are in “incredibly good shape,” and the structures are inspected every year. 

Reporting for WGRT – EBWtv