New Rules Hope to Increase Deer Harvest This Year

Deer hunting is a few months away, but the Michigan Natural Resources Commission has announced some new regulations that take effect for the 2020 season. The changes are intended to provide additional opportunities and cost savings for hunters, as well as offer flexibility for the pursuit of deer.

Statewide, the new regulations qualify deaf hunters for the Liberty and Independence hunts, which are hunt periods generally reserved for disabled veterans and youth. The statewide limit has been increased to ten per hunter for private land where property owners are trying to manage a deer overpopulation. Additionally, there are changes to quotas and licenses in the Lower Peninsula.

Chad Stewart, the DNR’s deer, elk, and moose program leader, said, “These recommendations are aimed at making it easier for hunters of all ages and experience levels to enjoy a Michigan outdoor tradition, while at the same time facing the present and future challenges of managing the state’s abundant deer population.”

The full list of changes in regulations can be found at

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland