North American Rebound Campaign Seeks Partnership for Economic Recovery

Port Huron, MI — The Washington-based Canadian American Business Council launched a new online campaign last week to convince states, provinces, and federal officials on both sides of the border to team up in the economic recovery of North American businesses. The primary goals of the “North American Rebound” campaign are to secure personal protective equipment, replenish and maintain each other’s medical stockpiles, and defend cross-border supply chains.

In many ways, the effort is an early hedge against the perils of protectionism. Kathryn Friedman, a law professor and Canada-U.S border expert on the Buffalo campus of the State University of New York states: “Given that now there’s a real push for companies to bring suppliers back home, to really get out of China and reshore back in the United States or Canada, there’s a real opportunity for border cities to position themselves as a new platform in each region for reshoring of supply chains.”

Since the shutdown, bridge traffic between Port Huron and Sarnia has significantly slowed. The bridge is not expect to re-open for regular traffic until June 21st.