Not All Kids Want Toys for Christmas

Watching children react to opening Christmas presents that are exactly what they asked for, is sure to make anyone smile. Most kids want things that they can play with but, there is actually proof out there that not all kids want toys for Christmas. 

Last year, a little boy named Sawyer went viral for his reaction to getting exactly what he wanted for Christmas. The little boy asked his aunt to get him, you guessed it… Ketchup! When asked to get such a gift, Sawyer’s aunt, Morgan Deichert, delivered. She did not disappoint and neither did Sawyer’s reaction. 

With over 5 million views on the video, Sawyer can be seen overcome with joy about his present. As Sawyer pulls a bottle of ketchup the size of his head out of a box, his family watches as he is delighted about the gift. Many people who watched the video are in agreement with his reaction as some say that ketchup is the best condiment and goes on everything. 

Who would have thought a kid could be so excited about a condiment? If you’re not sure what to get your child or children for Christmas, maybe try asking if they want ketchup! 

Adapted from the Today Show’s “Boy’s reaction to getting ketchup for Christmas is pure holiday joy” by Erica Chayes Wida.