Nursing Homes See Decline in COVID Cases Since Vaccine Rollout

The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living are reporting a 96% decline in new COVID-19 cases in nursing homes around the country since the vaccine rollout in December.

Mark Parkinson, President and CEO of AHCA/NCAL, said, “We are not out of the woods yet, but these numbers are incredibly encouraging and a major morale booster for frontline caregivers who have been working tirelessly for more than a year to protect our residents. This trend shows that when long term care is prioritized, as with the national vaccine rollout, we can protect our vulnerable elderly population.”

Data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services shows that hospitalizations in the current surge of the virus are down for the age groups 60 and up compared to the last surge of the virus in the winter. The data also shows that cases in those ages groups began to decline as the group began to be vaccinated.

New data from the CDC reports that in a study with 4,000 healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers who were tested weekly for the virus, the vaccine prevented 90% of all infections, including those that were asymptomatic.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand