Opioid Overdoses Surge During COVID-19

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and emergency departments in Michigan have both seen substantial increases in opioid overdoses since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic. These increases are a tragic reminder of the continued toll of the opioid epidemic.

According to statistics gathered by MDHHS, EMS responses for opioid overdose increased by 33% from April to May of this year. Additionally, EMS responses for opioid overdoses from April through June 2020 were 26%  higher than the same period in 2019. EMS responses for opioid overdoses increased for all regions and nearly all demographic groups, with the exception of residents aged 65 years and older.

Treatment centers are sill open during COVID-19, and those seeking help for a substance abuse disorder should not hesitate to seek treatment.

Local support for people in recovery is available from Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center, St. Clair County Community Mental Health, or by calling 1-800-662-HELP.