Opioid Presentation

Representatives from the Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center (BWROC) will deliver a presentation at the Richmond town hall meeting on March 19, at 7:00pm. The presentation, entitled, “Opioids: How to Spot It; What Every Parent Needs to Know,” is being provided in cooperation with the Richmond School District and will focus on educating parents of school- age teens and children within the community on the signs of potential opiate use and abuse.

BWROC was founded as a non–profit 501(c)3 recovery community organization helping those struggling with addiction and their families. BWROC’s Center Manager, Patrick Patterson says they, “are in a unique position to help educate community members,” because the staff is made up of people who have either gone through addiction and recovery or experienced it through a loved-one.

The Town Hall will be held in the Richmond High School auditorium. More information can be found at bwroc.org.