Dead Grass in City of Port Huron

Over Fertilization Resulted in Grass Damage at Port Huron Parks

Nancy Winzer, Port Huron Parks and Recreation Director, sent a message to City officials about the damaged grass at Thomas Edison Parkway, Kiefer Park, River Street Marina,  Lincoln Park, and Knox Baseball field. The parks division hired a contractor to fertilize grass at those locations last fall, and it is believed that the contractor applied an incorrect mix of nitrogen and herbicide which ultimately killed the grass.

The City is doing soil samples to discover a solution and repair the grass as soon as possible. It is a large-scope repair, and there is a limited number of companies who could do the work. The City’s insurance company confirmed it will pay for the claim filed, and the Parks Department is working to resolve this matter quickly to get the parks looking as they should.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand