Pageants Showcase More than One Kind of Beauty

The Miss Michigan USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants came to Port Huron over the weekend and showcased some of the growth and beauty in the Port Huron Area. The event has made Port Huron home for the past 18 years, and Southfield’s Chanel Johnson was crowned Miss USA Michigan. Aneesa Sheikh of Bloomfield Hills was the Miss Michigan Teen USA winner.

In addition to the show being in town, the area benefits economically. Blue Water Convention and Visitors Bureau’s President, Marci Fogal, said that with practice and interviews, the parents of contestants often head to area restaurants or shopping experiences.  Fogal said she talked to a few of the parents that were in Port Huron last year, and have returned this year. Their feedback was that they were amazed at how different the downtown area is, and how much more there is to do. 

State Executive Director for Miss Michigan USA, Melissa Proctor-Pitchford said, when she went on site visits throughout the entire state for different locations, the Blue Water area was captivating to her. She said the criteria for selecting a location is that it is a tourist destination and a place where contestants and their families will have a good time.

Reporting for WGRT – Karly Hurley