Passing a Budget Surpasses Road Funding as Priority in Lansing

In her campaign for the Governor’s office in Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer frequently referred to the poor condition of Michigan’s roads. It has been estimated by many that it will take an additional $2.5 billion annually in revenue to fix the state’s roads and infrastructure. In a joint statement with Senator Mike Shirkey and Representative Lee Chatfield on Monday, Governor Whiter said they agreed to continue conversations about road funding in a meaningful way and have tabled all associated issues for the time being. They said the number one priority is getting a budget passed. Whitmer indicated previously that there would be no budget deal until the road funding was settled. It is still unclear if Whitmer’s 45 cents a gallon tax will be an option going forward. The lawmakers agreed that the best course of action is to immediately begin target-setting with legislative and executive leadership to get a budget passed by October 1st.