Pavlov Supports Comprehensive School Safety Plan

All parents want to know their child’s school is a safe place to learn and grow. The Senate recently finalized a sweeping plan to strengthen safety in our schools. The plan will:

  • Create the Office of School Safety within the State Police to offer staff training and update school safety practices;
  • Develop training standards for anti-violence situations;
  • Ensure schools work with law enforcement to conduct regular safety assessments;
  • Create the School Safety Commission to establish school safety metrics and require schools to assign a liaison to work with the commission;
  • Require schools to consult with law enforcement on new builds or school upgrades;
  • Require schools to report attempted acts of violence;
  • Allow school boards to discuss safety plans in closed door meetings;
  • Permanently extend the OK2SAY tip program; and
  • Make sure schools provide emergency contact information to the State Police.

Senate Bills 882, 982-983 and 990-991 and House Bills 5828-5829 and 5850-5852 now head to the governor to be signed..