PHASD Auctioning Off Items from Lakeport Elementary

If you were one of the elementary students who attended Lakeport Elementary, the school’s closing likely caused some emotion. Memories of Principal Brian Winters, climbing the rope in gym class, and passing notes to your friends may have come to mind in an instant.

The school was closed after the 2012-13 school year because of declining enrollment in the district. The property was listed for sale in 2018, and the sale of the building is currently pending.

As the district prepares to vacate the school for its new owners, they opened an auction to sell the surplus items that are stored there. The auction includes electronics, furniture, HVAC materials, and storage items, and is open until January 21st at 1 PM.

Visit the auction site <HERE>.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand