Port Huron Church Withdraws Its Rezoning Request

The First Congregational Church has withdrawn its request to rezone a residential block in the city’s Old Town Neighborhood to a central business district, according to City Manager James Freed.  The Center currently rents space inside the church building and offers healthcare and addiction recovery services to low income and at risk residents. Authorities say that some of the healthcare services offered by The Center are not allowed in a residential zoned neighborhood, therefore the church was seeking to rezone that property.  When area residents voiced opposing concerns, the church withdrew their request and are expected to ask for a conditional zoning request which would be more restrictive on what kinds of programs can be offered at the 723 Court Street location.  Rezoning is determined by a recommendation from the Planning Commission, followed by a vote from City Council.  The next Planning Commission meeting will be Tuesday, April 2nd at 6 p.m. at the Port Huron Municipal Office Center, however, no discussion concerning the rezoning is expected at that meeting.