Port Huron Northern Students Make the Best of Planned Opening Night with Digital Premiere

Opening night for the cast of Port Huron Northern’s production of “Big Fish” looked a little different than expected, but the cast still found a way to make it special.

After four months of practice and behind the scenes work, Port Huron Northern was ready to show off their hard work, beginning with opening night on Thursday. However, with the shutdown of the school and large groups, the performances could not happen as planned. Cast member and choreographer, Ben Adair, said the news was devastating to the cast.

Then, the morning of the date of their opening night, Adair had an idea. He asked the performers to join a large video chat which he hoped would serve as a preview of their performance. The actors gathered online from the comfort of their own homes, sang a few of the songs, and then digitally parted ways.

Although no future dates could be confirmed, Adair says he hopes that the cast will be able to perform the show for a live audience before the end of the school year.

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