Port Huron Police Officers Challenge Backstreet Boys to Lip-sync Battle

The Port Huron Police Department is hoping to make their way to Little Ceasar’s Arena. It all started two years ago after a challenge from Tri-Hospital EMS to do “dashcam karaoke.” After the video of three officers lip-syncing to the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” was posted, it amassed over one million views and was featured on national TV programs, such as Fox News and TMZ . It even resulted in an invitation to recreate the video on Good Morning America in New York City.

Recently, one of the officers, Sam Baker (seen on the left in the video), heard that the Backstreet Boys were coming to Little Caesars Arena. He suggested that the officers challenge them to a lip-sync battle on stage, so Public Information Officer Pat Eash re-posted the video to hopefully get the boy band’s attention. Officer Eash said the goal they “had in mind when creating this video was to engage and have a little fun with the community. The response was overwhelmingly positive! The people who commented loved that the video humanized the officers and showed off their lighter side.” The new video post had over 10,000 views in a matter of minutes. To see the video and spread the word, visit the Port Huron Police Department’s Facebook page.