Port Huron Residents Asked to Register Bikes

Port Huron, MI — The Port Huron Police Department is asking residents to register their bicycles. The Blue Water Area has a lot of great places to ride a bike, but the fun is ruined if your bike is missing.

In a social media campaign, the department said that they accumulate numerous unclaimed bikes along with taking complaints for stolen bikes. If the owners can not be found, the bikes are sold at auction.

Registering bikes gives the department a way to connect recovered bikes with their rightful owners. Registering bikes is free and just takes a few minutes. 

Registrants are just asked for their name and address and information about the bike like the brand, model, serial number, and color. The registration gives police the information with which to notify you if your bike turns up at the police station as recovered property. 

The form can be completed online by clicking “Bicycle Registration” at porthuronpolice.org.

If citizens have information about stolen or lost bikes, they can call the Port Huron Police Department at 984-8415 or make a citizen’s report online

There is no penalty for not registering a bike in the city.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland