Positivity Project Boosts Self-Esteem

Middle and high school can be difficult when students are having trouble with their self-esteem. To give kids a boost, St. Clair Middle School has adopted a nationwide program called the Positivity Project to help form the whole student including social and emotional needs.

St. Clair Middle School Principal, Mike Domagalski, discovered the program roughly two years ago and the entire school has been on board since then. Each week, teachers at the school share the Positivity Project lessons with a focus on one of 24 different character strengths. During this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the characteristic was love. The lessons are interactive with questions and videos to help students of all learning types.

Within this program, the school also features Talk To Me Tuesday, where during lunch, students put away electronics and talk with each other about the week’s topic. Assemblies and special events are also held throughout the year that focus on positivity and related topics. 

Laura McDonell, a Teacher at St. Clair Middle School, says that her 8th graders have embraced the Positivity Project and are even eager to help lead the daily lessons. 

To learn more about the Positivity Project and its impact on students, go to ebw.tv.