Pothole Season Begins

Along with the first sightings of robins and the melting of the snow comes another sign of spring: potholes and road construction. To protect what is left of the roads after the damaging freeze-thaw cycle, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and local agencies have enacted weight restrictions on roads that are maintained by the state. 

There are two sets of weight restrictions, both of which are now in effect and include the Blue Water Area reaching into the Thumb Region. The restrictions affect I-69, M-46, and M-25 in the Blue Water area, along with most of the middle section of the lower peninsula. In a press release, MDOT said that trucks need to reduce their loads by 25-35% on the restricted roads. The restrictions do not affect the average non-commercial driver, other than hopefully limiting the damage to local roads from the heavy trucks. 

In other road news, the St. Clair County Road Commission has announced that Lambs Road in Wales Township, between Fitz and Cove Roads, will be closed to all traffic as they complete a culvert installation project. Lambs Road is expected to reopen in two weeks.