Present Wrapping Trick

Whether you are a pro gift wrapper or simply just try to cover the present as best as possible, we have all experienced that painstaking moment when wrapping a Christmas present and… there is not enough paper. Thankfully, a trick that is not only going to save paper but help solve this moment of defeat, is going viral on Twitter. 

Wrapping presents is not always easy, especially when items are odd shapes, and sometimes the best bet is to throw it in a bag and call it a day. With Christmas quickly approaching, some people have called this trick “life changing” and it is as simple as turning the gift diagonally. 

Many people took to Twitter and saw this amazing life hack and could not believe they did not know about it. There were a few that have seen the trick before, but it is pretty clear that plenty of people could have used this information years ago. If you’re struggling to wrap presents this year, do not worry, this trick will change the way you wrap gifts forever! 

Adapted from the Today Show’s “This easy gift wrapping hack is life changing — and saves paper!” by Lindsay Lowe.