Protect First Responders as Coronavirus Spreads

As of 4 PM Friday afternoon, Michigan is reporting 3,657 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 92 deaths. St. Clair County has 15 confirmed COVID-19 cases. The Health Department is no longer reporting details about the age and hospitalization status of the new cases. 

Ken Cummings, President/CEO of Tri-Hospital EMS, member of the Emergency Operations Center team, strongly encourages the following; “If you call 911 for a medical emergency, please provide accurate information on any health symptoms you or your loved one is experiencing. When EMS arrives, you will be asked this again before staff enter your home. This is important in order to protect workers so they can take the necessary precautions and stay safe.”

Captain Mat King, from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department, member of the Emergency Operations Center team, is also encouraging, “Follow the Governor’s Executive Order to stay in as much as possible. If you are out and come in contact with law enforcement officials, be aware you will be asked to share any health symptoms in order for officers to properly protect themselves from potential exposure.”

The St. Clair County Emergency Operations Center functions as a centralized coordination of emergency resources to provide overall policy and guidance for strategic objectives related to the COVID-19 situation.

Please follow reputable sources for information: