PTM Corp GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

PTM Corporation Receives GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Fair Haven, MI –General Motors Corporation grants an award to suppliers that meet and exceed its rigorous quality performance standards. PTM Corporation, a metal stamping plant in Fair Haven, MI, secured the GM Suppliers Quality Excellence Award for 2019.

The production facility at PTM Corporation passed an audit by GM that included a comprehensive quality assessment covering all facets of production. GM requires defect-free parts, on-time product delivery, and reaching quality standards above its minimum requirements.

Donna Russell-Kuhr, President, CEO and Co-Owner of PTM, said, “It makes me extremely proud for PTM to receive the GM 2019 Quality Excellence Award. This is a direct reflection of the wonderfully diversified and talented associates we employ who live our PTM Code Item #1 “Deliver exceptional performance and peace of mind to our customers.”

PTM has produced millions of metal stampings for its clients since 1972. They specialize in detail part design, prototype, tool build, and high-volume production.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand