Quota International of Port Huron Movie Screening

Quota International of Port Huron, in conjunction with Birchwood Cinemas, has announced an inclusive screening of the open captioned movie “Onward” next month. The local Quota Club is a service group that assists with the needs of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the community. 

The event is set for Saturday, March 21st at 11:30 a.m., with ticket vouchers provided to all deaf and hard of hearing students in St. Clair County. All families of deaf students in attendance will also receive gift items and raffle opportunities. According to the club, open-captioned movies also benefit children who are developing readers, so the public is invited to attend, as well. 

Agencies that support the deaf such as, Michigan Hands & Voices, St. Clair County Health Department and Port Huron Schools, will be present or provide resources.

Seating is limited and a reservation is required. Call (810) 984-6515 or email Pam Patterson at ppatterson@phasd.us for more information.