Raffle Supports Local Charities and Offers Multiple Chances to Win

St. Clair, MI — The St. Clair Women’s League created a new fundraiser to replace their Spring Flower Sale which was canceled due to COVID-19. Their Play-A-Day Raffle started this week and tickets are on sale throughout August.

The raffle is based on the Michigan Evening Pick 3 lottery in the month of September, and ticket holders have the opportunity to win $100 every time their winning ticket number is drawn in the lottery throughout the month.

Play-A-Day Raffle tickets cost $10 each and tickets are numbered with three digit numbers. If those three digits hit in the Michigan Evening Pick 3 drawing any night in September the ticket holder wins $100 cash for each match.

The raffle proceeds will help the St. Clair Women’s League support many local charities including the Ecumenical Food pantry, community school grants, high school scholarships, Hunter Hospitality House, and adopting local families during the Christmas season.

For more information visit the St. Clair Women’s League’s Facebook page <HERE>.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand