Raven Café Closes Temporarily for Repairs and Upgrades

Don’t panic if you can’t get your Chai Latte’ or Lobster Bisque for a few days next week. The Raven Café in Downtown Port Huron is making some repairs and upgrades to the iconic restaurant and will be closed. The Edgar Allen Poe- inspired restaurant, located at 932 Military Street, is doing some repairs to the flooring and upgrading some aspects of the kitchen.

The restaurant announced on social media that it will be closing temporarily starting on Sunday, February 23, and expects to stay closed for five to seven days. The opening will be conveyed on social media once the work is done. It could be done sooner than expected. In the meantime, the owners, Sadaat and Jody Hossain, have kept with the spirit of cooperation and shared success that makes downtown thrive. They have suggested that you patronize other downtown businesses in the meantime, suggesting Moe’s Corner Deli and the Exquisite Corpse Coffeehouse, both of which are located in the same block of Military Street just south of the Black River. The Raven had a busy weekend with several weddings being held in the restaurant on Valentine’s Day and the popular “Trivia Night” on Sunday night. The restaurant expects to reopen with business as usual after the repairs and upgrades are completed.