Retired Judge Passes Away At Age 88

Retired St. Clair County District Judge, John G. Cummings passed away at the age of 88.  Cummings resided in St. Clair and served as district judge for more than 20 years, retiring in 2002 due to a state law prohibiting judges from seeking re-election after the age of 70.  Cummings moved to the area in 1964 when he open a law office.  He was appointed to serve as judge in the 72nd District Court in 1983.  In 2012 the St. Clair County Mock Trial Competition recognized Cummings with the Judge John G. Cummings Professional Award, which is presented annually to the team judged most professional by its peers.   Following each round of the competition, each team completes an evaluation form which rates the opposing team in the areas of appearance, proficiency in addressing the judge and jury, compliance with Mock Trial rules, attitude and persuasion.  Once all the rounds are completed, the scores are tabulated to determine the winner.