Roadside Oral Fluid Analysis Pilot Program

The second phase of a roadside oral fluid analysis program began last week in Michigan. The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department along with the Port Huron Police Department are taking part in the program. The Michigan State Police are conducting a second phase to test the roadside analysis program, because they felt the sample size was too small in the previous one. 

The oral fluid analysis uses a mouth swab to find out if a person is driving under the influence of drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, or opiates, along with others The swab sample is obtained by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). The DRE’s are police officers who have highly specialized training to recognize someone who is impaired due to drugged driving. The roadside fluid analysis will be combined with a 12-step drug recognition that DRE officers already perform. If a person refuses to submit to the test, upon lawful demand of a police officer,  they can be charged with a civil infraction. In Michigan during 2018, there were 247 drug-involved traffic fatalities. The expanded Oral Fluid Roadside Analysis Pilot Program began October 1st and includes participation from DRE’s in every Michigan county.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.