Rules and Safety Important for Firework Use

With the 4th of July holiday coming up, many of us think of holiday gatherings and fireworks, but the question of when they can legally be used often comes up.  Michiganders who plan on setting off fireworks need to make sure they know which days are legal to do so in their local community. State Fire Marshall Kevin Sehlmeyer said, “if you do plan to shoot your own fireworks, remember these are explosives and that if used incorrectly, can cause irreparable injury and harm.”  Even if a local government chooses to restrict fireworks in their municipality by passing a local ordinance, state law requires that fireworks must be allowed on specific days.  If you’re not sure of the rules, or would rather not shoot off your own fireworks, remember that there are plenty of fireworks shows in and around St. Clair and Sanilac Counties.  For more information on specific information in regard to firework rules in the state of Michigan visit and search fireworks, or check out your city or township’s ordinance online.