Safe Exchange Location At Port Huron City Hall

With the number of trades, buying and selling on Craigslist or other Facebook pages, many communities have begun to offer “safe deal zones”, where buyers and sellers can meet to exchange goods and money.  Port Huron City Manager James Freed, recently posted that the city of Port Huron has those folks covered in their new Safe Exchange location in the south side parking lot of City Hall.  The city council approved the purchase of the approximately $6,375, tower in September. The tower is a nine-foot steel post with a blue light on top. The tower will video tape exchanges and provide direct access to central dispatch and the Port Huron Police Department, much like similar posts in the St. Clair County Community College parking lots and the St. Clair County County Sheriff Department parking lot.   So if you have a Craigslist or Facebook deal, or maybe even a child custody drop off, that parking lot offers video surveillance, it is well lighted and there is an emergency notification button available as well.  The area is free and available for use by everyone