Sanilac Historical Museum Seeks Help from Classic Car Owners

Classic car restoration is a popular hobby for all ages in the Blue Water Area with a multitude of ways to show off a special ride throughout the warmer months. In planning ahead, the Sanilac Historical Museum needs the help of classic car owners to enhance some of their events. 

The museum is looking for cars from specific time periods to add historical context to events like the April lecture called “Purple: Organized Crime in a Small Town”, where vehicles from the 1920s are requested. 

Model As, Model Ts, Studebakers, and other 1920s cars that are approaching their 100th birthday are also requested for their Prohibition Party in August. Owners of 1940s vintage cars are asked to show up for the Big Band Bash scheduled for July. The biggest festival is the “Singin’ the 60’s” Music Festival that is scheduled for late June. Those willing to display their classic cars can get free admission to the festival. Contact the Sanilac County Historical Museum at to get the details.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.