SC4 Adds Women’s Golf Team

Women’s golf is being added to the athletic offerings at SC4.  The college announced today that they will become one of a handful of colleges in the Michigan Community College Athletic Association with a women’s golf team.  Dale Vos, SC4 Athletic Director, said, “A women’s golf team will contribute greatly to the college’s growing reputation as a leader in community college athletics”.  The college named Celina Grondin the head coach. Grondin, a former college athlete herself, said, “I’m thrilled to play a role in launching a women’s golf program in our region.”  She went on to say, “I look forward to working with athletes to enhance their skills and confidence both on and off the course.” The team will begin its play in 2020-21 season and will be recruiting players over the coming year.  Those interested can call the athletic department at the college or visit their website.